George Zimmerman vs DMX: What is Wrong With You America?


When I first heard about the George Zimmerman vs. DMX fight, I thought I was a joke or an Onion article but nope it’s real life… What the fuck America? This is absolutely disgusting. We are making a murderer into a celebrity for profit! Has the Martin family not been through enough yet? They lost a son/grandson/brother all to a senseless act of violence, and their heartbreaking loss was used as an image to fuel a race war and political agendas, but that’s not it. Now they have to watch their son’s MURDERER be immortalized on TV, and hear about people making bets on him. Now I understand the want behind it, to kick George Zimmerman’s ass because he deserves it, but this is just ridiculous; there has been enough violence, when will it end? It’s so beyond disrespectful to the poor family who lost a loved one who had all of his life ahead of him. This man should be in jail, and shouldn’t be glorified by the media. I’m not sure how this spectacle has even been allowed to happen, but I for one will not be watching it, because I refuse to help TV channels profit off the death of an innocent kid. Wake up America. We should all be ashamed his is happening, not rave about it and take bets on who will win.


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