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George Zimmerman vs DMX: What is Wrong With You America?


When I first heard about the George Zimmerman vs. DMX fight, I thought I was a joke or an Onion article but nope it’s real life… What the fuck America? This is absolutely disgusting. We are making a murderer into a celebrity for profit! Has the Martin family not been through enough yet? They lost a son/grandson/brother all to a senseless act of violence, and their heartbreaking loss was used as an image to fuel a race war and political agendas, but that’s not it. Now they have to watch their son’s MURDERER be immortalized on TV, and hear about people making bets on him. Now I understand the want behind it, to kick George Zimmerman’s ass because he deserves it, but this is just ridiculous; there has been enough violence, when will it end? Read the rest of this entry